Creepy Candle
Hello there, weary stranger. I welcome you to this humble blog, here you will find the most putrid, revolting and horrifying images that will poison your thoughts by day and haunt you in your dreams by night.
Come in, I welcome you with outstretched arms, Let me tell you a story, for I am a narrator of the dark tales that lurks in the shadows of this wretched planet.
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I need to get serious with my uploading routine.
Anyways, enjoy the newest video!


It’s finally out, the latest creepypasta! I was going to narrate another story, but the rendering kind of messed up and ruined the video, and I didn’t have time to record it again, so I made a quick one here!


This one was quite good, I like it!
MCP, I would love to see your take on this one, it has a really nice flow in it!

This will be the last time I make a post on this blog!
I’ve moved to another blog, so if you want to keep on following me, here’s the link to do so:

For those who’ve read White with Red, you’ll find this quite interesting.
Please enjoy!
And don’t forget to check out my facebook page, it’s quite new.
And also, for those who’ve enjoy my reading a bit to much, here’s a download link for my narrations:

And don’t forget to take a look at my youtube channel too!


I’m terribly sorry about this, but my friend wrote this while he was saying that I was being to serious, so here’s my take on NOT being serious!

Here’s my new Tumblr people, please follow it!

Just want to remind you people that I have made a new Tumblr, since this is just a sub-blog.
The new Tumblr is here:

Hey guys!
I made a new Tumblr since this tumblr is just a sub-blog and I want to ask questions as my persona, not my real tumblr, you would see my face then.
And that’s not good, well for you guys maybe since I’m incredibly handsome but that’s not the point!

Anyway, here’s the new tumblr:


“Artificial Intelligence” (by CreepyBabyPasta)

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